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What is the thickness of the material?

Most of our vinyls are between 12-15mil thickness. Their weight, on average, is approximately 7.5 oz/yd2. Our new poly tarps are between 6-10mil thickness.

What is the vinyl material made of?

All of our Billboard Vinyls and the New Vinyl Tarps are made out of waterproof, weather-resistant, anti-mildew PVC. They are specially coated to be UV protected as well. Our new tarps are made of PE poly material and are waterproof, UV resistant, and

Are your tarps UV protected?

Yes, all of our tarps are coated with a UV protective layer. This layer helps to extend material life by protecting the vinyl from UV rays. UV rays are one of the major causes of material deterioration in outdoor use.

What can your tarps be used for?

Our billboard taps, new tarps, poly tarps, and mesh tarps can help you with your project, big or small. They are extremely durable and flexible, making them a great affordable resource for home improvement, DIY projects, lining ponds, etc. Common use

Are billboard vinyls good for pond liners?

We know many people who have used them for pond liners and love them. Since they were once billboard advertisements first, there may be a chance of pin-sized holes in the vinyls. We recommend Flex Seal tape as a way to patch any holes if need be: htt

Can the billboard vinyls be seamed together?

Yes. You can tape or glue the tarps with waterproof tape or sealer to create any square footage configuration you need. We recommend Flex Seal ( Flex Tape is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof

Do the billboard vinyls have grommets or pipe sleeves?

Billboard Vinyl Tarps:. The billboard vinyls do have pipe sleeves on all four edges. There are no grommets pre-installed. The pipe sleeves are an additional 4" on each side - this extra amount is not counted in the size vinyl. For example, if you ord

Are the Billboard Vinyls clean?

The Billboard Vinyls are not new - they are cleaned as best as we can without doing a complete washing. However, some permanent discoloration may occur due to travel or wear before entering our warehouse.

Will my billboard have a white or black backing?

Great question! We have both black and white-backed billboards. One side is the former advertisement, and one side is either black or white. You can pick your color when you are picking the size. Please sign up for our restocks if you do not see the

Do you offer custom sizing?

Currently, we do not offer custom sizing, but we do carry the most popular sizes of tarps. You can cut them down in size or sew them together to fit your specific need. They can also be seamed together.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, we do offer discounts on orders of 10 or more vinyls. If you’re interested in getting a quote, please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 323-433-1520.