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New Poly TarpsUpdated a year ago

What are Poly Tarps 

Poly tarps are all 100% waterproof due to the solid polyethylene coating. The polyethylene structure enables the tarp to be mildew-proof, tear-resistant, and acid resistant. Poly tarps have arctic flexibility to withstand freezing temperatures and not become hardened. All our tarps have a rope-reinforced hem and grommets.

  • Material: PE Poly Tarp
  • Breaking strength: 81 lbs/inch
  • Rust-proof grommets (1” diameter) every 36” + corners
  • The size advertised is the finished size
  • Thickness: 6-10 m

Are Poly Tarps Reused? 

Our Poly Tarps are new and are not reused billboards. 

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